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The new generation of knowledge and thought sharing platform.

Thoughtz is an upcoming blockchain project that aims to enable people to share their thoughts, ideas, and knowledge and reward them for those while instantly connecting them with like-minded people.

It envisions itself as a catalyst that can bring together people with similar perspectives, opinions, and visions, thus creating a new age of socializing and collaboration.

This article is for anyone who is a thinker, has opinions, is a subject matter expert, or a person with an idea. In this, I will take you through the project, how it works, and its future.

How does It Work?

Connecting with like-minded people is now a simple process with almost instantaneous results. In the modern world, we barely have the time to jump through too many hoops just to form that one good connection that is valuable to us. The effort we take and the results we get have a huge gap between them.

Besides this, it is also difficult for people to get their ideas vetted by someone who truly understands the niche and the industry. Well, not anymore.

Fret not, for Thoughtz has got your back. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

● Share your thoughts, ideas, or opinions on the platform.

● The platform’s AI will instantly match you with someone who has shared similar views.

● All you need to do is swipe right, if the other person is interested too, you’ll get connected to them immediately.

● You can then have a conversation with them on the platform itself.

● This conversation is entirely private and will be deleted along with the connection after 24 hours.

● So, if you want to remember the contents of the conversation, all you need to do is pin the chat, and it will get saved in your account.

● Finally, you can earn rewards for the thoughts you shared while having engaging conversations with people or getting expert advice on your next big venture.

Thoughtz Rewards and Economy

The Thoughtz platform is building an ecosystem that its native Thoughtz ($THZ) token will drive. This is a utility token that people can leverage to interact with the platform in various ways and earn rewards. Here are a few ways in which you can earn rewards in the Thoughtz Ecosystem:

● Transform your thoughts or ideas into attractive graphic NFTs and sell them to other people on the platform in exchange for the Thoughtz tokens.

● The more times your thoughts are liked and interacted with, the more Thoughtz tokens you will earn as rewards.

● If users find your thought or idea valuable to them, they can tip you with the native token.

These are a few ways the platform will reward you for sharing your thoughts.

The Future of Thoughtz

The team behind Thoughtz envisions a complete decentralized blockchain ecosystem that brings people together to socialize and collaborate. While currently, the project will have the fundamental features, more will be added over time. This way, the Thoughtz Ecosystem evolves continuously. A few of those features are listed below:

● The chat will have a voice call, and a speech-to-text recognition feature to enable better conversations.

● The platform will also facilitate a gathering of numerous experts who share their experiences and give you valuable lessons on various subjects.

● There will also be a full-fledged conversational NFT marketplace where people can trade their ideas and thoughts in the form of NFTs.

● The complete ecosystem will be interoperable across various blockchain networks.

● Besides, all this would occur in a fully decentralized system, such that the ecosystem is permissionless, transparent, and secure.


Overall, Thoughtz is a platform that has the potential to bring people together. It can enable people across the globe to build social connections, share expertise on various ideas or potential business ventures, and even collaborate to co-create innovative blockchain projects that drive the community forward.

This is merely a brief overview of a vast project. You can learn more about it at the links below:

Stay Tuned for updates and learn how to get involved by following Thoughtz.

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THOUGHTZ is a blockchain based incentivized thought matching app, where thinking becomes a social activity. The more you share, the more you earn!